Green Amethyst rough top stone necklace in sterling silver with 10k rose gold dangle

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Welcome to the woodland realm, home of the Industrial Elf Queen. If you want to know my true inspiration for my work, it’s her. This magical fantasy queen from stories that belong in Middle Earth, Narnia, or Hogwarts.

This rough top green amethyst is truly a treasure, a talisman. If my photos here don't do it justice, please send a message to me and I'll snap a few more for you.

The pendant part of this necklace measures nearly 3 1/2" long, the chain is 18" at the longest, but the hand crafted hook can be fastened through the open link chain so you can wear it shorter.

Normally, at this point in the product listing, I have click through to other pieces like this one, but there aren't any. This piece is truly one of a kind and I have not seen a stone like this before or since.

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