December 08, 2020

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Once upon a time, my work inspired my photoshoots, and the stories that followed. It was a linear process, like a one-way street. Over the years, as I’ve evolved as an artist, my jewelry and the photoshoots are part of the same story, equally influencing the other. As I visualize new pieces, the story unfolds, influencing the photoshoot. As the photoshoot takes shape, more inspiration flows into my new pieces. Everything is intertwined. One cannot exist without the other.

Photoshoots are more than just a necessary, technical part of my business.  They are just as creative as my bench work, as I infuse my natural artistic expression, pull back the curtain, and craft a new story. 

Besides making jewelry, directing my photoshoots is one of my favorite things to do in my business. In the studio, hovering over my bench, I call all the shots. On a photoshoot, I’m just one part of a creative team. This is what I love the most.

My models are my closest friends, with busy lives of their own, that do not revolve around mine. Every time they show up for me, I’m grateful. It’s rarely a cushy, cozy setting either. I’m usually dragging the team to some remote alley, a cold, frosty meadow, or a damp forest. Even when the weather is harsh, they stick with me and power through, until the job is done.

Sometimes the inspiration is very practical, when I just need beautiful photos of my jewelry being worn by an amazing human. Other times, it can be creatively fantastical, when I want to create a mood or a feeling, where the jewelry is part of a theme, a larger picture, and not necessarily the center of attention. My photographer is so much more than a technician. She is an artist, and a storyteller. She understands my creative language, and can interpret my vision in her imagery.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll take you on a journey, behind the scenes. You’ll meet Julie, who, dreamed about working with horses, from a very young age. Like Julie, I also shared this dream. I remember, there was something about the beauty and grace of a horse, that captured my heart. I even had a book titled A Love of Horses. Today, Julie is living out her dream, and I can’t wait to tell you her story…

Part II: Coming Soon

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