Your adventurous heart never ages.

You’re drawn to new experiences, and cultures knowing there is so much of the world to discover.

You have a love of stories, deeply rooted in the experiences and adventures that have shaped you.

You’re one-of-a-kind, and you value beautiful treasures that express your unique essence.

You belong here.

Step inside my studio…

My happy place. I never know what will consume me each day. Some days I have a clear plan, and I carry it out seamlessly. Other days the plan unfolds before me, sprinkling in surprises and challenges. My studio is a place of peace, healing, and creativity.

Inside it's quiet and super cozy, with a little potbelly stove burning in the corner for warmth. It’s practically a cliche, except it’s very real and exactly what you’d expect for a little rural Montana art studio.

A body of work inspired by the world…

My designs are slow crafted and reflect the inspiration I’ve gathered from traveling and exploring the world from a young age. 

The materials I use are selected for the unique color and cut of a stone, the warmth of 18k, 22k, and 24k gold, or bits of steely, textured sterling silver.

I fabricate each piece by hand, gathering inspiration from the stones and the metal. In the in-between moments of life, a design emerges.

The result is wearable, collectible, unexpected, distinctive, and timeless pieces. Everything you’re looking for.

“I'm inspired by Montana’s misty, mossy, snowy mountains, 

where I live and work. 

It’s a magical life, spent traveling the many rivers and lakes. 

In my studio, I design and create through the long cold winters, 

weaving stories of fantasy, and Medieval tales, 

with hand-selected stones, pulled from the earth.” 

~Allison Kallaway

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