May 06, 2021

Charms & Chains

Charms & Chains

You can be a jewelry designer! Do you like the sound of that? I created my Chains and Charms collection so that the wearer could become the designer. With just the right hand-selected components and a little creative inspiration, you can create several different looks and styles using just a few pieces.

There’s a Chain and Charm to Match YOUR Style! 


My collection includes several different chain options to inspire and suit your style and taste, including:

  • Long chains and short chains 
  • Delicate chains and chunky chains 
  • Hand-crafted chains and manufactured chains
  • Mixed metal chains and sterling silver chains


I LOVE making charms and there’s always a wide variety of options available in charms: 

  • Big charms and little charms
  • Long charms and short ones
  • Mixed metal charms and sterling silver charms 
  • Varying shapes and sizes using gorgeous gemstones 

Designing your Chain and Charm Necklace is EASY and FUN!

Remember, you’re the designer, so you design to your heart’s content! 

There is no wrong way to style your piece. It’s YOURS! 

Here’s my favorite way to style a Chain and Charm necklace, and it’s a great way to dip your toe into designing, and to get started: 

  1. Select your chain - Long, short, delicate, or chunky. It’s up to you!
  2. Choose one long charm - Gemstone charms are available in many options like opal, aquamarine, turquoise, citrine; you name it, I probably have it.
  3. Choose one short charm - Pearls are great for the short option. They add beautiful dimensionality and a touch of soft color. 

You’ll see just how easy it is. With just these three components, the possibilities are endless, creative, and perfectly adjustable to suit your mood. 

I love to pair a longer gemstone with a pearl and cluster them together. Or sometimes I’ll hook one charm higher and the other lower to give the illusion of long and short, all in one fantastic necklace. 

Want to show your wrists some love? 

Chains and Charms are for bracelets too! Add a few smaller charms to a bracelet chain for a beautiful one-of-a-kind look. If you have several charms, you can attach more than one, wear them together, or swap them out depending on your outfit or mood.


Chains and Charms are fully customizable to suit your mood or outfit!

The possibilities are endless! I have collectors who have created unique and distinctive looks with their Chain and Charm collections. 

My friend and model, Julie, selects stones that feel good to her on any given day. She’s entirely in tune with the metaphysical and healing properties of the stones. She has that superpower and puts together some beautiful pieces using her intuition as her guide. 

Find your Inspiration!

Are you ready to test your jewelry designer skills?  It’s easy, fun and SO satisfying! Get started today with a chain and one charm. When you're ready for more, add to your collection. I’m regularly adding new charms to my website every couple of weeks, so there’s always something new and beautiful to add to your collection.

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