January 14, 2021



It’s every little girl’s dream. Right up there with becoming a princess, nearly every little girl dreams of having a horse of her own. When I was a child I had a total fascination with horses, and with their beauty and grace. I had an intense desire to ride and learn to jump, but aside from a few years of dressage lessons, I never got to do any of these things. Still, the dream persisted for years.

I can still feel it and remember it vividly. As a child, pure and innocent, I imagined the connection I’d have to my very own horse. Like something out of a dream, I could almost feel the soft, thick mane, the natural woodsy scent and the sweet smell of warm breath while I snuggled and kissed my horse. I even had a book, The Love of Horses, that further influenced my strong desire to have my own horse.

This connection between a horse and a young girl is powerful. While some little girls collect Barbie dolls, others were meant to ride. My dear friend Julie, owner of Firefly Horse Co. is living out that little girl’s dream. She grew up on a farm, with her own horses, and now owns a beautiful horse farm. She’s grown into an amazing rider, and an equine therapist as well. Through her deep connection to nature and horses, Julie helps her clients, many of them children, approach and cope with life through grace, self-control and compassion. Invaluable lessons for a purposeful life.

Julie can attest to the lifelong dream and magic of riding and owning a horse. There’s a reverence, and awe, in the presence of these majestic animals, with their strength and wisdom. They are gentle, calm and soothing, but large and powerful at the same time.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll journey along this path, into a new year. I invite you into this magical world, as Julie’s story unfolds. Together we’ll celebrate our shared connection to nature and mother earth, with kindness, self-love and hope. 

I encourage, and welcome your interaction. Imagine yourself inside this majestic place, surrounded by nature and beauty. Be still. Stay in the moment. Tell me what you see and how it makes you feel.

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