June 01, 2021

It’s June! Let’s celebrate the Pearl in all its shimmery, imperfect beauty.

It’s June! Let’s celebrate the Pearl in all its shimmery, imperfect beauty.

I have a deep love for pearls that almost rivals my love for metal. 

While my jewelry aesthetic is far from traditional, I am in LOVE with all pearls, classic and otherwise. Here’s why…

  • I love pearls because the shimmery, pitted surface reminds me of what I love most about metal. 
  • I love them because they come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and types. There are SO many lovely options to get my design juices flowing. 
  • I also love pearls because they are unique and mysterious in their own particular way.

You may already know a bit about how pearls are formed, but here are a few morsels you might not have known:

  1. Did you know that they’re the only gemstone to come from a living creature? 
  2. Freshwater pearls come from mussels, while saltwater pearls come from oysters.
  3. The process begins when an irritant finds its way inside the mollusk in both freshwater and saltwater pearls.
  4. This irritant or particle is the nucleus of the pearl, right from the very beginning.
  5. As a defense mechanism, the mollusk begins to coat the irritant with a substance called nacre.
  6. Nacre is made up of a substance called aragonite that creates the iridescence you see in pearls.
  7. The mollusk continues to coat the irritant with thousands of layers of nacre over two to four years.
  8. When the pearl is fully formed, it’s carefully removed with the intention of not harming the mollusk. 

Pretty amazing when you think about it, right? A little ocean creature covers a small irritating pebble with a beautiful, magical substance that makes them smooth and shimmery, and irresistible.

For as long as I can remember, I've used pearls as accents in my jewelry designs. As I’ve grown and evolved as a designer, pearls have become a core focus for my collections. I love the gray Tahitian pearls with pits and lines and rainbows. The Edison pearls are beautifully iridescent with warm peachy, yellowy tones. South Sea pearls are soft pale yellow, and the Fireball pearls look like little comets. The rustic and organic surfaces that I select to use in my work contrast beautifully with my metalwork’s smooth, industrial style.

I hand select the pearls and have my own pearl drilling machine to drill them, leaving the most beautiful part exposed. If I leave the drilling to the pearl seller, they will assume I want to cover up the part of the pearl that has the most texture. This couldn’t be further from the truth. My favorite pearls are the ones with the most beautiful pits and imperfections. I choose to celebrate those imperfections for their unique qualities and the effort it took to get them from their rough “irritant” beginnings to me, in all their imperfect beauty.

This month, and every month really, let's honor the noble pearls for their beautiful perseverance and all their grit and glory!

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