January 14, 2019

Pink? Not a fan

Pink? Not a fan

Jewelry for Valentine’s Day might be as cliche as it gets. So instead of following the traditional heart shaped jewelry and feminine pink charm bracelets, what if you went a little badass this Valentine’s Day?

I’ve never been a fan of pink. Take a look in my closet, you’ll see very quickly I’m more of a black and neutrals person. It’s not that I don’t like the color, but pink sends a message I don’t really connect with.

A while back, though, I realized when you add oxidized silver to shades of pink, it transforms them into something more magical. A boring pink stone becomes a badass statement piece only a true warrior queen would wear.

Now that’s a message I can shout from the mountain tops.

If you’re into badass pink, keep reading.

My new jewelry collection for Valentine’s Day is filled with unique shapes, textures, and pinks that are anything but cliche or ordinary.

So this might be the article to send your hubby if he’s looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas that does include hearts.

Another thing I’m not in love with around Valentine’s Day is the frivolity of it all. Coming home to a box of candy, flowers, and a generic heart shaped necklace isn’t your style.

Within a few weeks or months, that necklace is going to be turning green in the back of your bathroom drawer. What a way to say, “I love you.”

I have a different approach.

Why not go for something bold? Not just in the way it looks, but in what it represents.

We are so driven by fast fashion, consumerism, and one-size-fits-all approaches to everything, no one stands out anymore. I refuse to let that happen, especially to you.

So invest in something that’s going to last. If you’re going to spend any amount of money, invest it in finely crafted, artisan made pieces of jewelry that say, “I love you.” and “I support people over consumerism.”

Better yet, something that says, “I know you hate heart shaped jewelry, so here’s something you’ll actually wear.”

I love when my jewelry says that.

How do you know if your jewelry says this? Here are some signs of high quality jewelry that’s worth investing in this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Quality of Metals

    Due to the soft nature of silver, buying a high quality durable piece is important. Rings need to be at least 2mm thick, the prongs need to be heavy, and bezels need to be solid. Anything dainty in silver isn’t going to last, so be careful about prioritizing aesthetic over longevity! Silver wears away fast, but my designs are made to last forever.

  2. Balance and Weight

    Finding lightweight bold earrings is difficult. Which is why do a few things to make my earrings high quality and comfortable. I cut out the metal behind the stones to get rid of extra weight so you can wear even the biggest earrings all day. I also adjust my construction of the piece to allow the earrings to be lighter, but still match the other heavy pieces in the collection. It’s the little things that go a long way with wearability.

  3. Stone Selection

    Knowing where your gemstones come from is really important to the quality of the piece. I use natural colored stone and prioritize ethical sourcing whenever possible. The stones I select for each design are chosen with intention. No matter how fragile or durable the stone, I find the right piece for it. I place the more fragile stones in a protected setting like an earring or pendant and use the durable stones are for rings and bracelets. Keeping this in mind is a big factor in the longevity of your jewelry.

  4. Jewelry Care

It’s important that you care for your pieces, but how much is your jeweler making sure you have what you need to do it properly? I make it easy to take excellent care of the jewelry you buy from me. Every customer gets a soft bag or pouch with each of my pieces so you have a way to store, transport, and clean the jewelry without damaging it or scratching the stones.

Getting the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is a little easier when you’re confident in the quality.

This collection features so many different ways to say, “I love you” without the heart shapes or Pepto-Bismol pink pendants.


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