December 31, 2020

So Long 2020

So Long 2020

What. A. Year. I know we can all share in this sentiment, even though our stories were different. Like every year for the last 15, 2020 began with a full and busy art show schedule, including some amazing events like, the New Orleans Jazz Fest, had my fingers crossed for the Smithsonian Craft Show in DC, and shows in Baltimore, Chicago, San Antonio and Seattle. 

Welp. I made it to the American Craft Council show in Baltimore, MD, right before everything fell apart. By mid-March all 16 of my art shows were canceled. They fell, one after another, like a row of dominoes, until none were left standing. Then came the fevered process of canceling plane tickets and hotel accommodations, and confirming all show fees were refunded. Meanwhile, in-person school was cancelled, forcing my very extraverted son into virtual home school. To say it was total chaos, was an understatement.

Now what?…
Artists everywhere, myself included, were asking themselves this question. Luckily, I’d been learning about digital marketing, and was already in the early stages of moving my business online. I had a small email list. I had a beautiful website. I had A TON of jewelry, and I had time. Lots and lots of time. Through the spring and summer, I moved my entire art show business online. My collectors continued to support me, by continuing to collect. Many reached out to connect and cheer me on, by emailing, calling and sending private messages. You all kept me going.

To be honest, it's been a great year in many ways, though it’s not been easy. We have a very close group of 3 families, and we spent all of our social time together. I'll introduce you to them one day soon, because they’re everything to me. We've taken turns supporting each other, as we’ve each struggled, and as we’ve navigated ourselves through this messy year. This has been the best part of life in 2020.

Without my family, my friends, and my collectors, the past year would have looked very different…

To those who found me online for the first time and continued to collect jewelry this year,

…to those who fell in love with my work and started their own collections,

…for the husbands who bought for their jewelry-loving partners and the sons and daughters who bought for their moms, and the parents who bought for their children,

…for each and EVERY one of you I’m grateful. I know how lucky I am to have you in my circle and in my corner, allowing me to continue doing what I love, and helping my business to thrive.

I believe that doing what you love, and finding your tribe, are 2 of the best things we can do in this short life we have. I’ve been able to do both, because of you, and for that I'm deeply thankful. In the near future, I hope we return to some “normal” things like in-person shows and in-person school. 2020 has taught me that our connections to people are what’s most important in life, and it’s a lesson I’ll never forget.

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