April 03, 2019

The Art I Create, the Jewelry You Crave

The Art I Create, the Jewelry You Crave

Designing jewelry to sell isn’t my strong suit.

Which isn’t super encouraging when it comes to business profits.

But when I do it right, my jewelry sells itself, literally.

I’ve tried to design with you in mind, my customers I love so much.

But when I do that, it takes away from the REASON you love what I create.

I’m an artist.

I always have been, and it’s the reason I do this for a living.

You’re wearing and buying art that comes from my soul. The jewelry design comes from experiences in my life, things I see, things I dream...things that don’t exist until I bring them into being.

So when I try to make a “sellable” collection, it totally flops.

Which, I think is rather beautiful.

My art knows when I’m faking it...and so do you - which is really cool to feel known and understood so well by my customers. Thank you for that.

You can tell when it’s a “fake”

Which is why I’m so excited to reveal this new collection.

It features delicate jewelry that’s still bold and every bit as badass as my other collections.

But I get it, some of it is just too big to love and wear everyday. So I challenged my design to be a microversion of other collections, other pieces.

You’re gonna eat these up.


This collection rocks for a few reasons.

First, it’s totally wearable. Not that my other pieces aren’t - I really pride myself on the fact all my pieces are structurally designed to hang right and be lightweight even when they’re big.

But these badass little babies go with everything. They really do.

Maybe you’ve been eyeing up getting a matching set of earrings from me, but nothing seems to look right.

Check these out.

They literally go with everything I design, so you can have custom statement pieces and more standard everyday pieces to match.

Second, they’re affordable.

We all have that friend who compliments our jewelry and their heart sinks when we share the price. This collection is for your friend who loves your jewelry but isn’t ready to invest hundreds or thousands.

Send them this link, they’ll be glad you did!

You can give them as gifts without a second thought because they’re an affordable, subtle version of some of my classic magical elf queen designs.

Finally, they’re part of my soul.

Yes, each design you see is coming from my imagination into existence through precision, perspiration, and maybe a few profanities.

But it’s all genuine, raw design. This isn’t a cookie cutter collection built to sell. I’m not good at that, remember?

So, in typical artist fashion, I threw out the rule book and decided to create from my heart.

That’s what you want anyway.

Add these babies to your shopping cart and introduce a friend or two to a piece of my soul.

If they’re anything like you, it will feel familiar.

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