November 25, 2018

The Rise of the Industrial Elf Queen

The Rise of the Industrial Elf Queen

Maybe magical lands and legendary stories aren’t fiction afterall? What if the worlds filled with elves, wizards, witches, goblins, and (yes) hobbits were in our blood?

Sometimes I wonder if they aren’t just as much part of our ancient history as the founding fathers, Louis XVI, and Alexander the Great.

When I traveled through Europe and lived in Africa, these design elements from folklore and legends were everywhere.

They’re not fiction in Africa, they’re history.

That’s where my design inspiration comes from.

My designs turn these epic legends into present day magical pieces of adornment. I believe quality technique and design aren’t contained to the runway.

High fashion doesn’t always equal quality of workmanship.

The pieces I make are suitable for the fantasy queens who live in worlds designed by Tolkien or Lewis. I craft pieces meant to be worn by women looking to adorn themselves with magic stones carved into earthy metals.

I believe there’s something magical about wearing jewelry that’s not for the every day. There’s a reverence in my work that doesn’t translate into high fashion or simple aesthetic appeal.

The claw settings give a rough royal element to otherwise technically perfect piece.

When I’m in my studio, I imagine myself kindling the fire in the elven forgery in Rivendell. I listen to the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings while I craft my pieces.

It helps me add magic and fantasy to the design and reminds me the slower travels are often the most rewarding.

So this is me, raising my hammer in a salute to what I like to call, my industrial elf queen. May adorning yourself with these talismans add strength to your spirit and power to your rule.

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  • Debbie Baughman on April 07, 2020

    So awesome! Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite movies! Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful! I love that every piece is unique and has character, not to mention one of a kind! So much better than any mainstream, mass produced product!

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