January 20, 2020

Valentine’s Day should be sweet and tender

Valentine’s Day should be sweet and tender

I remember when Valentine’s Day was sweet. Simple and innocent. Think all the way back to grade school and those hand crafted “mail boxes” made from tissue-paper-covered shoeboxes, to collect all of our valentines. Or the construction paper cards with “Be Mine” inscribed in crayon and a heart-shaped sugary treat taped inside. Remember those? Ahh the good ‘old days. Nowadays Valentine’s Day has become over-commercialized. For some it’s offensive, and for many they might be missing the point.

At one time, I might have even been put off by the swelling Hallmark holiday.

Maybe because I was a “late bloomer” of sorts, single until 38-years old, or maybe I’m just a cynic. But the simplicity of Valentine’s Day that I remember as a child, got lost somewhere along the way.. It’s about chocolate-covered strawberries and romantic little tokens of love.

Ok, I confess. Maybe I’ve softened a little about the “holiday of love”. And maybe we really can get back to the sweet innocence I remember from childhood. If you have a sweetie (sisters, moms and BFFs included) and are looking for that perfect expression of love, I’ve got you covered. On January 30th I’m launching my Valentine’s collection. 14 beautiful, one-of-a-kind tokens of love.

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