I have many tools for custom work. It begins with asking if this is a piece you would like to have created in my aesthetic. This means fabricated, by me, at my bench, using gold and silver. The next thing I consider is whether or not this is a piece that I can design, modify, customize and create for you using my digital design team. Custom work is a combination of a service and a product. We go through a very thoughtful process to match your desires with the perfect design.

I’m wearing my most beautiful cuff at this very moment! Outstanding piece of jewelry my friend…I love it! Amazing job. The design & texture is perfect & the stones are perfect Thank you Allison, well done! Sending you a hug for all your hard work & good energy you put into making my cuff! - Laura


Custom Procedure

  1. Once you have filled out the custom intake form, we can schedule a meeting, in person or on Zoom to discuss your project. In that first meeting, we will get to know each other and discuss the nature of this project. Schedule your appointment here:
  2. If you have photos or a Pinterest inspiration board, we can look at those together at that first meeting.
  3. We will choose a path forward. I can design in my aesthetic, mixed metal or all gold, fabricated, vintage inspired art jewelry style OR we can look at creating something from scratch.
  4. If we move forward into the design process, a $300 non refundable design fee will be collected and we will proceed with the design. This payment covers 2 hours of design time, including communications and modifications. Additional fees will be charged if we need more design time.
  5. Once we have decided on a design, we will proceed to production. You will be sent a written proposal and invoiced for 50% of the project. If you are purchasing stones for your project, payment for stones will be collected at this time, as well.
  6. Depending on how we design (sketching and flat layout for my fabricated designs) or digital design (CAD designing), the timeline varies, with a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks for production.
  7. Once your piece is ready to ship or collect, you will be invoiced for the balance of your piece at the time of delivery or before shipment.