Permanent Jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Permanent Jewelry?  Think of it as the ultimate friendship bracelet! Permanent Jewelry is essentially a clasp-less bracelet that is custom fit to your wrist. A jump ring will connect the two ends of the chain and it is micro welded closed. Your new favorite everyday piece you don’t have to take off until you want to. 

Does it hurt?  Of course not. There is a teeny spark that welds the metal but nothing will ever come in contact with your skin.

It's permanent…like for eva eva?  You’ll enjoy your permanent pretty for as long as you want to. If you decide to take it off, simply use a pair of wire cutters, scissors, or nail clippers to remove. A $20 re-weld fee applies.

If you want to have the chain re-welded, please clip the round jump ring to protect the integrity of the chain. A new chain will need to be purchased if the links are cut but we’re happy to offer a 20% off one time discount on your re-welded piece.

What if my piece breaks?  Permanent Jewelry is not indestructible. It is a delicate chain and can break if enough force is applied. I ensure the jump ring is welded securely before you leave. If for any reason the weld breaks, I am happy to replace within 14 days. If the chain is broken at any location along the links, a new chain will need to be purchased. 

Can I get through TSA?  Yep! Jewelry doesn't need to be removed before going through security.

Will you offer anklets or necklaces too?  Absolutely! I will be offering permanent Bracelets, Anklets, and Necklaces.

What materials are offered?  14KT Solid Gold, Gold Filled, White Gold, and Sterling Silver. I rotate chain styles and charms based on availability. Prices may fluctuate based on the price of precious metals.