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  • Slip into your fuzzy slippers, flip flops or cozy socks.

    Slip into your fuzzy slippers, flip flops or cozy socks.

    Slip into your fuzzy slippers, flip flops or cozy socks. We’re about to get really comfy and intimate with one another.  

    Up until recently, (literally like 3 or 4 ish weeks ago) Allison Kallaway Jewelry was primarily a road show. I traveled far and wide to my live events, where you and I would meet in person… some for the first time, and others year-after-year. This where we connected and shared a laugh. This is where I helped you style your jewelry, answered questions about stones, how to safely store your new pieces or how to care for your investments. Well friends, life has thrown us all a curve ball.   

    Do. Not. Panic. We can figure this out. Either we dodge the ball and hope for the best, or we grab it and run! I’ll promise you one thing, I’m not going to leave you hanging, all alone at home plate. This is an opportunity for growth, and a chance to regroup, reset and move in a new direction. Maybe we’ll call this the Allison Kallaway Jewelry 2020 Shakeup! Everything I once did in person, I’ll now be doing in my private Facebook Group. Trust me, this is gonna be FUN!

    I’ll have even more behind-the-scenes footage and opportunities to connect with you in the Facebook Group…

    • Every week, (sometimes daily) I will take you inside my studio for exclusive sneak peeks of what I’m working on.
    • From time-to-time I’ll go LIVE so you can look over my shoulder in real time, and watch a piece in progress. 
    • I'll talk with you about stones, fabrication and the artistic process. The vibe will be light, funny (hopefully) and entertaining, or at the very least, informative. (Sorry, you'll have to go elsewhere for doom and gloom) 
    • I will create videos about how to care for your jewelry, the metal, the stones, and how to store your pieces.
    • The group will be an intimate space, chock full of value for you, and where we can interact and become better friends. 
    • We will get to know one another and help to build a special Facebook community.
    • The action starts right away, so JOIN the private Facebook Group right this minute! You don’t want to miss any juicy goodness. 

    It's super easy to join! Go to my Facebook business page, Allison Kallaway Jewelry, click "like", then send a message to me, letting me know you would like to be added to the group...and Boom! You're in!

    One crucial step in pivoting my business to full-service online is to get to know you better. This will help me to bring YOU more of what you LOVE and to serve you better. Please help me out, and take this brief survey so you and I can become better acquainted. Click HERE to start the survey now. 

    I’m putting the “personal” back into Personal Shopping! 

    The one thing you feel may be missing is that one-on-one time we used to share at shows. No worries, I am not going into hiding. Quite the opposite. I am available by appointment to meet with you for a video shopping call. You can schedule a private shopping experience with me right HERE on Calendly. Just answer a couple questions when booking the appointment so I can prepare for our call. It’s really that easy.

    One day, VIP, I think we’ll all look back on these uncertain times and marvel at how we powered through. We’ll realize we are stronger than we gave ourselves credit for. We are smart, savvy, problem solvers. We’re in this together VIP, you and me against the world. Together we’ll figure it out!

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  • Pink? Not a fan

    Pink? Not a fan
    Jewelry for Valentine’s Day might be as cliche as it gets. So instead of following the traditional heart shaped jewelry and feminine pink charm bracelets, what if you went a little badass this Valentine’s Day?
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  • The Rise of the Industrial Elf Queen

    The Rise of the Industrial Elf Queen

    Maybe magical lands and legendary stories aren’t fiction afterall? What if the worlds filled with elves, wizards, witches, goblins, and (yes) hobbits were in our blood?

    Sometimes I wonder if they aren’t just as much part of our ancient history as the founding fathers, Louis XVI, and Alexander the Great.

    When I traveled through Europe and lived in Africa, these design elements from folklore and legends were everywhere.

    They’re not fiction in Africa, they’re history.

    That’s where my design inspiration comes from.

    My designs turn these epic legends into present day magical pieces of adornment. I believe quality technique and design aren’t contained to the runway.

    High fashion doesn’t always equal quality of workmanship.

    The pieces I make are suitable for the fantasy queens who live in worlds designed by Tolkien or Lewis. I craft pieces meant to be worn by women looking to adorn themselves with magic stones carved into earthy metals.

    I believe there’s something magical about wearing jewelry that’s not for the every day. There’s a reverence in my work that doesn’t translate into high fashion or simple aesthetic appeal.

    The claw settings give a rough royal element to otherwise technically perfect piece.

    When I’m in my studio, I imagine myself kindling the fire in the elven forgery in Rivendell. I listen to the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings while I craft my pieces.

    It helps me add magic and fantasy to the design and reminds me the slower travels are often the most rewarding.

    So this is me, raising my hammer in a salute to what I like to call, my industrial elf queen. May adorning yourself with these talismans add strength to your spirit and power to your rule.

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